Excerpt from Enlightened Weight Loss

The Damage Of Negativity

Negative thoughts don’t only cause negative emotions. The stress hormones triggered in response to negativity impact you in a sinister way. Slowing down brain coordination, reducing your ability to process information and solve problems. They disrupt the regions of your brain that are responsible for memory and impulse control. Essentially, negativity leaves you miserable, dumbed down, and impulsive.Β 

Worst of all, negative thoughts rewire your brain in a way that makes you more prone to thinking negatively. Your brain creates new neurons and synapses to support whatever you focus on, digging you deeper and deeper into a state of negativity if you allow it.


The Benefits Of Positivity

Unlike negativity, positive thoughts have a beneficial impact on the brain. They trigger chemicals like dopamine and serotonin that improve your ability to think, learn, solve problems, and focus.

In the same way that negative thoughts rewire your brain to think negatively, positive thoughts rewire your brain to think optimistically.

It is not realistic to say that you should never have a negative thought. However, once you become aware of how destructive, addictive, and pointless negative thoughts are, it will become easier to separate from them.

It is easy to fall victim to the voices in your mind, however, you will find that indulging in negativity is in vain. In fact, indulging in negativity will only aggravate any problem that has caused it.

For instance, you have an issue with your partner, or you become drowned in paperwork. Continuously indulging in negativity regarding the problem will not solve the problem. It will make it impossible for you to think clearly, focus, and come up with a solution. Finding a way to relax will trigger chemicals that allow your brain to function at full capacity.

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