Excerpt from Spiritual Enlightenment

If enlightenment is your true nature, then what has happened? What is preventing you from experiencing it? At the core of what holds you back is the mind. Essentially it is the mind, and all that the mind creates, that prevents you from experience peace.

The mind creates the noise of thoughts, the illusion of ego, and future projections in the form of desire. It creates a hazy view of reality, keeping you in a dream-like state. It has been said that your consciousness is like a lake, reflecting reality. Reflecting the moon and stars above. The reflection is even more beautiful than reality. The reflection gives an entirely new quality to the moon and the sky. The surface of the lake giving a serene and poetic facet to the image. However, for you, the surface of the lake is not calm. The surface is in constant breaking with ripples and even waves, distorting the image of the moon and the sky. In this reflection there is chaos.

What is the wind that breaks the stillness of the surface? The wind is the action of the mind and all of its creations. You are probably already aware that thought, the mind, has taken you from peace many times. However, the ability to stop the mind is not there. It seems as if you are crazy. As if the mind is the master over you.

Now think, who is you that wishes the mind to stop? If you can wish for the mind to stop, then you must be separate from thought. Now there are two questions. Who are you, and what is the mind?

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