Excerpt fromΒ Spiritual Enlightenment

We are always trying to explain things away with science. Acting as if we know the answers. The answers we have found have formed all of our beliefs and labels, and they are dead things. The moment we think we have found the answer we have killed the phenomenon. The moment you think you know the lover, the mystery has vanished. The label is a heavy anchor, weighing down and sinking things. Mystery is light. Mystery is smiling and in motion, never caught.

Hear the rain outside. We have labeled the drops rain. We have explained that the water has condensed in the sky within a cloud and now falls back to the earth. How mundane of an answer for such an absurd scene. How untrue of an answer.

How was the water created? When? By what force? How did the clouds become so beautiful, so different from one another? Why does the rain on leaves and on rooftops give a sound that makes us feel differently? What does this dripping water have to do with our emotions?

These and a million more mysteries. Hear the rain next with no explanation and for a moment thought stops. There is not enough room for thought when you are observing again for the first time this phenomenon of raindrops. Become aware that all of your explanations of the world are very limited in their ability to explain. With every finite simplification you have learned, you have taken away wonder. You have given space for the mind to ramble on to pointless distractions while you ignore the world around you for a lifetime.

If you wish to become more present in your reality then drop the explanations and labels that are stored in the mind. All it takes is awareness. An awareness of their origin and an awareness of their limitations. All at once you will be shaken from the dream of boredom and awoken into the reality of mystery that is everything. This is how you become present. Not by urging yourself to focus on the present. Not by convincing yourself to be here now, with the same mind that took you away in the first place. It is by adorning the mystery of all that is that you will be free from the mind that distracts from the present.

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