Excerpt from Spiritual Enlightenment

I share with you this strange phenomenon only to exemplify the magnitude to which transformation can occur. To illustrate the immense physical experience that occurs when you begin to strip yourself of the layers that prevent you from being in bliss. It is one of many common threads between those that have followed this path until its extreme ends. However, this experience is not of great importance.

What is of importance for you is bliss. Where ultimate bliss is fire, this phenomenon is merely smoke. Smoke is not the outcome, just a result of the fire. The fire is what is needed for warmth, smoke will be of no use other than to indicate that there is fire. What you set out to learn is how to build a fire, how to feel your inner bliss.

It is not realized that the unhappiness you feel is not a requirement for life. The boredom, pain, desperation, and anxiety you feel are symptoms of the mind. For any person that decides they are wholly and completely through with the misery that feels out of their control, there is an antidote.

What you learn on this path is not how to create bliss. You were born into this world with the ability to experience bliss. Along the way you have accumulated beliefs and have been fooled by illusions that are now creating misery in your life. What is learned on the path back to enlightenment is how to recognize and remove each illusion and belief. Each one carrying a weight that gives lightness to you when letting go. With the last letting go there is enlightenment.

When the last is let go, and when it is known how to keep from accumulating more, bliss can enter you. This sounds odd to a person who has not experienced this. That bliss could be so available. In fact, the experience of bliss that I describe might not even be something that you can fathom. However, I tell you that it is true. That the unhappiness that you experience is not the true nature of life. That the true nature of life is this state of lightness. This state of physical bliss. A feeling that you may have only felt through substances or through ecstatic love. A feeling you may have never felt before.

The ability to feel what is called enlightenment is not reserved for the few. However, it is only the few that have been willing to part with what has prevented their bliss. Few have become so overwhelmed by the misery that they were willing to devote all efforts to remove all that burdens them. Few who have learned how.

The effort does not come from removing, but from the discipline and the desire to do so. All that is needed to remove these burdens is awareness. All that is needed is an understanding of where and how these burdens exist in you.

This is all that is needed for this path. A willingness to let go of what burdens, and a faith that there is bliss beneath all of the burdens.


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